Blech-Tec was established on 03/01/2003 and changed 2012 its form from e.K. into a GmbH.

The activities of Blech-Tec is split into 2 sections:

      1. Contract Manufacturing of Sheet Metal Products

First, Blech-Tec was exclusively concentrated on the production of individual parts, series and assemblies made of sheet metal and foils with strengths of 0.05 to 4.0 mm in contract manufacturing. Even today, all of the desired metals and in limited extent also plastics are processed. But the focus of the materials is on various steel, stainless steel and aluminum products, as well as many other metals.
The size of the pieces ranges from a few millimeters up to about 2 meters.

We manufacture custom design and prototyping as well as series of few hundreds, so not mass production. Most of the complex parts require a very high accuracy.
Our strength is to respond to short-terms and of any other demands and changes of our customers. These conditions, we meet through professional competence and our proximity to our customers.

      2. Machine Manufacturing, including Distribution of the BT-150

To bend even the smallest parts rationally, just to meet the needs of our customers, we have designed a computer controlled bending machine for extremely small parts, the BT-150. Ultimately, even the smallest bending parts, like technical springs, contacts, covers, brackets and housings can be produced quickly and advantageous, without any special tools. The machine is needed mainly by tool makers, the electronics industry, sheet metal processing, medical technology, but also in many other industries.
Our BT-150 solved also the problems of other companies, so Blech-Tec became a machine manufacturer, very quickly.

Our company in Sauerlach /Altkirchen is located in the south of Munich very well. Just outside of the city limits, we are especially accessible. Blech-Tec lies on the motorways A8 and A99, so we are easy to reach, not only from outside, but also from almost every part of Munich quickly and easily. The train station S3 Sauerlach is located about 3 km away.

All our employees are active for many years in this industry. Thus, we formed a professional team, which performs also high demands. Our hall has about 500 m² with plenty of space for our modern and extensive machinery.



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